Wheelchair users who scuba dive are nothing new, but once you get your C card, where do you go next? Yes, now that you are diving, you are almost on equal ground to the able-bodied divers around you. Webbed gloves may have been good enough when you were learning how to dive, but you know you can do better. Handi-Divers isn't just about leveling the playing field, it's about letting you literally swim circles around the other divers on the boat. How? By using Dive Propulsion Vehicles (a.k.a. Scooters) non-ambulatory divers can be more than proficient divers, they can be superior divers. Handi-Divers llc is here to remove the obstacles between you and your dream of being a superior diver. Scooters used to be exclusively for technical divers but not today. More and more recreational divers are not only discovering the benefit of scooters but including them as part of their must-have gear. Contact Handi-Divers llc for details.