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About Us  
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Handi-Divers llc was founded by Peter Gamble in 2005 and operates primarily in Tucson, Arizona. We believe the possibilities for a hopeful future are like an open road awaiting exploration. Dive sites as of yet include: Mexico, Bon Aire, Cayman Brac and Aruba. We look forward to future dives around the globe.

Handi-Divers llc provides top-notch consultation regarding issues confronted by wheelchair users and other persons with limited ability to ambulate as they pursue learning the sport of scuba diving. The experiences of the Manager and other staff of Handi-Divers llc are a resource for anyone connected with scuba in the community of wheelchair users. WIth programs specially tailored for Dive Masters, Instructors and Boat Crew, along with great customer support, Handi-Divers llc is a combination that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Handi-Divers llc has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Contact Handi-Divers llc today!


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