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Thank you for viewing the below list of services Handi-Divers llc would like to provide to you and your group. Scheduling and pricing is flexible, depending on your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Introductory Presentation
If you are wondering what possibilities exist, we can help show you the roots of where this activity has come from, what is currently being practiced and what possibilities await. What will you, as a new diver need? What will you, as an Instructor, need to make your students succeed? What will you, as a Boat Crew Captain need to allow your crew to perform satisfactorily so that the divers in your charge enjoy the dive you want to show them? Handi-Divers llc has the answers.

Classroom Guest Lecture
If you would like Handi-Divers to address a group of students in the classroom who are currently entering or upgrading certification, whether as open water novice divers or instructors, we can provide the insight you need to answer questions about what to expect when you begin planning various aspects of your dive, including equipment needs, as well as how to accurately assess conditions when arriving at the dive site.

Pool Training
Pool training has long been recognized as a required component of training for all certification agencies.The practical aspects of demonstrating, observing and ultimately having students perform various dive skills is a necessary aspect of training for all candidates. Unfortunately, some students become discouraged after initially experiencing difficulty at this level. Others spent far too much time experimenting with various techniques which ultimately may put the student at greater risk for dropping out of training.Why risk failure when success can be such a simple option? We have the advice and experience necessary to help formulate solutions.

Equipment Demonstrations
Diver Propulsion Vehicles, Computers, wetsuits, masks, web-gloves, specialized fins. What do you really need and what will be a waste of time and money? Nearly all divers have bought equipment that turned out not to be necessary or not really what was hoped for. For those with limited ability to ambulate, misleading sales promotions can quickly make diving prohibitively expensive. Learn first hand what we use, what really works, what is needed and what is not.

Guided Imagery
This tool has long been used by professionals to help individuals reclaim control of their lives. From chronic pain to quitting smoking to weight loss to conquering fear and controlling panic, this important tool is a versatile investment of your time and effort that will reap benefits in many aspects of life, including learning how to scuba dive. Handi-Divers llc can recommend professionals you will certainly be happy with.



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