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One of my favorite places is Hawaii. My Hawaii Journals are split between my Oahu dives, my Kona dives and my Maui dives. In Oahu I dive with Aaron's Dive Shop. In Maui I dive with Lahaina Divers. In Kona, I dive with Kona Honu. Kona is my most recent trip (late summer 2011. See blog) Earlier this year I made two trips to Bon Aire (see blog and photo log for those details.) For my travel tips and thoughts regarding my April 2008 trip to Honolulu, click on Honolulu Travel Tips. On the April 2008 trip I dove Oahu, so check the Oahu dive log and scroll down to the bottom.

As an active Handi-Diver, I explored the city of Majuro, in the Marshall Islands as part of this first venture to the far Pacific. Please tell me what your thoughts are about this trip summary.

May 2008 was a trip to Cozumel with DiveHeart.

June 2008 was back to Cayman Brac with Dive Pirates.See blog.handi-divers.com for the description and photos.handi-divers.com for the photos.

Just before Christmas 2007 my brother and I went to Key Largo to dive with an operation called Scuba-Do. It was my first time diving in Florida and I was very pleasantly surprised by the extensive variety of marine life. The diving conditions also gave me a pleasant surprise. Water temp was 75 degrees, the coldest I've experienced yet, but I was not cold at all, even at depth exploring the U.S.S. Spiegal Grove. Visibility usually ranged between 25 and 35 feet, which was definitely good enough to stay safe and enjoy the diving.

My 2007 Dive trip to Cayman Brac was with Dive Pirates. They are another great group of disabled divers, mostly veterans.

July 2006 was my first trip to Bon Aire. It is one of my favorite locations and I try to get there every year. Perfect conditions- warm water, no current and great visibility. It is also a favorite spot for the Handicapped Scuba Association. They are a truly great group of people.This Bon Aire Journal page is some photos that my dive buddy took that first year I was there.


I don't have a journal for my dives to San Carlos Mexico, but that is where I learned. My primary instructors are right here in my home town of Tucson, Arizona. That dive shop is called Desert Divers and I highly recommend them.



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